Care of Clothing

Organic - it must be hard to keep clean and nice, right?  Nope!  Not at all!  Organic cotton and hemp can be cared for just as easily as any other clothing you own.  All garments have care labeling, but we'll go a little more in depth for you here:

Wash:  We recommend that you use an eco-friendly soap or detergent because it is better for your skin and much better for the  environment.  We recommend the water on the cold setting because it is more energy efficient.  TIP: if you use a powered soap or detergent, dissolve it in a cup of water before adding to the wash water to prevent powder residue from distributing all over your clean clothes.

Bleach:  Please do NOT bleach your clothing with chlorine bleach.  Chlorine bleach is not very environmentally sound, and there are suitable alternatives to bleach for laundry.  For stains, you can use an oxygen booster.  For odors, you can use white wine vinegar in the rinse cycle.

Dry:  You can machine dry Sassis garments on a cotton setting, or you can line dry or flat dry.  If you machine tumble dry them, be sure to remove them from the dryer promptly to prevent creases from setting.

Will the clothes shrink: Unless the piece is garment dyed or is indicated as pre-shrunk, it will shrink a little in the wash.  However, we have allowed for shrinkage in the cut of the garment so they fit properly after being washed and shrunk. 

Iron:  The knits (tee shirts and similar) do not need to be ironed much, if any.  If you do want press your tees, use a cotton setting with steam.  TIP: for set wrinkles and creases, mist garment with a vinegar and water solution to release the creases better.  If your shirt has a print or other embellishment, do not iron the decoration.

Something to look forward to: The fabrics start out incredibly soft, with wear and proper laundering, this softness just increases.