Petal Wrapper

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Versatile Skirt/Wrap/Halter

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Made of soft, slubby hemp jersey, this versatile piece can be worn as a skirt alone or over pants or long skirt.

"As a skirt I have 2 sets of buttons to wear a little higher or lower on the hip.

"As a shoulder wrap I can be buttoned across the chest, or use the extension tab to button behind the back

"As a halter top, just cross the opening in the front and use the extension tab to button around the neck."

No way to wear this piece is wrong, and there are more permutations.
55% Hemp/ 45% Organic Cotton Jersey
Organic cotton label and thread.
Made in USA
Machine wash with like color and tumble dry, or line dry. (see care instructions)
Sizes S-XL (see size chart)